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Stenting of the heart vessel in Korea

                           Stenting of the heart vessels in Korea

Professor Kim Jin Bae specializes in: arrhythmia, electrophysiological examination, automatic defibrillators, syncope, acquired heart defects, arteriosclerosis, heart  failure.

Stenting of cardiac vessels is an effective minimally invasive operation aimed at restoring the lumen of the narrowed arteries and normalizing the process of cardiac  blood supply. This procedure becomes a necessary method of treatment, since drugs can only relieve symptoms of angina pectoris and temporarily alleviate the patient's  condition. After stenting, special preparations are assigned to the patient, aimed at preventing the formation of new blood clots.

The procedure for installing a stent occurs when a puncture of the artery (femur or brachial) with a special needle. Through it, a catheter is inserted into the  artery, which moves the stand to the zone of narrowing of the artery. As soon as the doctor reaches the home narrowing, the stand straightens out and presses into the  artery walls unnecessary compaction, expands them and strengthens them from the inside. When you finish installing the stand for the next day, you can get up and move.

On the following day, the patient is allowed to get up and move. Exercise should be limited.

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